Mobile Development Projects

Lab #1

Lab 1 Questions

ElementDefault EventRecordsData TypeMax/Min
Button"On Click""Button Clicked"BooleanN/A
Label"On Click""label clicked"StringN/A
Radio Button"On Change""radio_button1 checked? true"BooleanN/A
Image"Click""Image clicked!"BooleanN/A
Screen"Key down""Key + Keydown"StringN/A
Chart"N/A""Data that was input"NumberMin is 1
Text Input"Input""Text Input"StringN/A
Dropdown "Change" "'Selected option' + Option selected" Boolean Min 1
Checkbox "Change" "Check Box Checked + (True or False)" Boolean N/A
Canvas "On Click" "X and Y Coordinate of clicked postition" Number N/A
Text Area "On Change" Text within "Text area" String N/A
Slider "On Change" "Number within Slider" Number 0-100

Lab #2

Lab #3

Lab #4

Lab #5